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Incoming Facility

  • School Zone
    • Providing high-quality education programs by attracting world-class leading schools such as NLCS, Branksome Hall, etc.(The school-recognized and nationally-recognized educational background)
    • Creation of the best educational environment based on education and life in English
    • North London Collegiate School Jeju will be open on Sep.29.2011
    • Korea International School, Jeju will be open on Sep.19.2011
    • Branksome Hall Asia will be open in Sep.2012.
  • University Zone
    • Creation of multi-campus town by attracting famous universities' degree courses and programs in education·tourism·art·specialism
  • English Education Center
    • Conducting by The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (Government-sponsored support)
    • English teachers and government employees training
    • Research and development (R&D), and consulting English Education policy
  • Housing·Commercial Facility
    • Creating the atmosphere of town·architecture·landscape in English speaking countries' image
    • English Speaking Environment Construction that English is used throughout infrastructure of city such as Public Offices·Hospitals·Shopping malls, etc.
  • Education·Culture·Art Complex
    • Education·Culture·Art·Sport Facility for all ages to acquire and use a language in fun and joyful ways rather learning a language from textbooks in the classroom
    • Providing over 2,000 programs in the forms of Opera·play·lectures·exhibitions·seminars based on the subjects such as
    • Culture·arts·religion·philosophy·science·politics·sports, etc. all over the year

Korea International School Jeju


Introduction of Schools

Introduction of Schools


North London
Collegiate School

Branksome Hall


London, UK

Toronto, Canada

Foundation Year




girls' school

girls' school

School system

- Junior School (Preschool~6th)
- Senior School (7th~13th)

- Junior School (Preschool~6th)
- Middle School (7th~9th)
- Senior School (7th~13th)


Day School

Day & Boarding School

School aims

To make students enjoy the subjects they choose by providing opportunities to find students' own gifts

To encourage and inspire students to love learning and to shape a better world


- NLCS has consistently ranked as the number one International Baccalaureate school in the U.K. for four years in a row, as announced by The Financial Times in March 2010.
- More than 40% of graduates enter the Oxford and Cambridge every year.
- NLCS held the second rank of A-Level announced by Sunday Times in 2007. (Eton College 10th rank)

- Canada's most prestigious private school girl
- Provides IB programs for all graders
- 100% of graduates in 2009 entered universities, 75% of them entered their first-choice universities, and 85% of them received a scholarship


Source| Jeju Free International City Development Center,

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