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  • Television
    There are five TV broadcasting stations in Jeju
    • KBS1 (Public) : VHF Ch. 12 ( Jeju City), VHF Ch. 9 (Seogwip0), VHF Ch. 32 (Hallim-eup, Hangyeong-myeon)
    • KBS2 (Commercial) : VHF Ch. 10 ( Jeju City), VHF Ch. 13 (Seogwipo), VHF Ch. 23 (Hallim-eup, Hangyeong-myeon)
    • MBC (Commercial) : VHF Jeju City Ch.7, Seogwipo Ch.11, Gonae-ri Ch.36, Geumak-ri Ch.30)
    • EBS (Educational) : UHF Ch. 20 ( Jeju City), UHF Ch. 26 (Seogwipo), UHF Ch. 28 (Hallim-eup, Hangyeong-myeon)
    • JIBS (Commercial) : VHF Ch. 6
    A special satellite antenna is required to receive satellite broadcasting services such as NHK of Japan, STAR TV of Hong Kong.
  • Radio
    There are ten major radio broadcasting stations in Jeju
    • KBS1 : FM99.1MHz (Jeju City), AM963 KHz (Ara), AM621KHz (Seogwipo), AM1539KHz(Gosan)
    • KBS2 : FM91.9 MHz(Jeju City)
    • KBS Music : FM96.3MHz (Jeju City), FM99.9MHz(Seogwipo)
    • MBC : FM90.1MHz(Jeju City), FM102.9MHz(Seogwipo)
    • MBC : AM774 KHz (Jeju City), FM97.9MHz (Jeju City), FM97.1MHz (Seogwipo) ,  FM106.5MHz (West)
    • JIBS : FM101.5MHz(Jeju City), FM 98.5MHz(Seogwipo)
    • CBS(Christian) : FM93.3 MHz (Jeju City), FM90.9 MHz (Seogwipo)
    • EBS : FM107.3 MHz(Jeju City), FM104.9 MHz (Seogwipo)
    • FEBC(Christian) : AM1566KHz
    • Arirang Radio: FM 88.7MHz (Jeju City), 88.1 MHz (Seogwipo)
  • Television & Radio Websites
  • Newspapers
    There are five major Korean daily newspapers and two English daily newspapers published in Korea which are available in Jeju.
    The five local newspapers are


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