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Television drama `All in` directed by SBS is about man`s ambition and love, friendship. But the most impression is background of this drama. The nunnery in Seopjicoji, casino, windmill of hotel Lo..

Drama `Dae Jangeum` made by MBC is most popular in Korea. A heroine `Jangeum` become King`s doctor from a court lady. It film scenes in a Jeju folklore museum, Woedolgae, Hyubjae beach etc. that s..

Movie `Dan Jeok Bi Teon Soo` takes place from story between two tribes before the beginning and sad story of four masters grown up here. The movie has mystery of the beginning of the world and mak..

Meaning that is ghosts` meeting who commit suicide of, movie `Ja Gui Mo` contains ghosts` love story. There is so famous place where Jin Chaebyul (Kim Heesun) flees from an envoy from the underwor..

Drama `Loving You` filmed by KBS has love story such as fairy-tale that remade by `Den lille Havfrue`. Actors and actress named Lee Hyuk(Park Yongha), Jin Darae(Yoo Jin), Jo Sookyung(Lee Yuri) are ..

Movie `The Mermaid princess` filmed at Woo-do is fantasy melodrama about one daughter who make her mother`s love story. At this movie actress Jeon Doyeon plays a double role of present daughter and..

KBS drama `My love in Beijing` is filmed with Jeju international convention center as its setting, and about Korean and Chinese young love out of frontier and imagination. Kim Jaewon, Soon Peipei a..

MBC drama `L`Oiseau de feu` is acted by Lee Seojin, Lee Eunju, Erik. This drama shows sea of Hagwui-ri Bukjeju-gun, Joongmun beach and Joongmun tourist resort and tells that the love depends on tim..

Kim Heeae, Cha Inpyo, Park jiyeong of SBS drama `Perfect love` filmed in riding inside Jejudo Saebyeoloreum gave an energic performance. Jejudo is holding Deulbul festival (that burn the fire to pl..

A movie `Rebellion of Lee Jaesoo` is the historic incident that happened in Jejudo 100 years ago. This is historical story of inhabitants of Jejudo who stand against corrupt authority and Catholic..

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